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Positive Outlook Art Museum "Qing Jin Plan" push young Conceptual Art Creation

Positive Outlook Art Museum "Qing Jin Plan (2016)" exhibition opening scene

      March 5, 2016, another young artist project "Qing Jin Plan (2016)," the positive outlook Gallery, China Art Museum big cloud, Qing Jin program is sponsored by the positive outlook Gallery, Guan Shan Yue Art Gallery, days large Wan Wah Museum of Art and co-sponsored by the Art Fund Chung Shao, PhD art exhibition by the China Art Gallery curator librarian featuring Wei Xiangqi.

The project also invited several particularly active in recent years, fine arts experts and scholars serve as references. Including Guanshanyue curator Chenxiang Bo, Beijing Videos vice president and curator Wu Hongliang, Doctor of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art Hangzhou Chunxiao researcher at the Institute of Fine Arts, Art Fund Executive Yuan Avenue financial director, art critic , independent curator Zhu Xiaojun, Zhi-curator of the positive outlook, Doctor of Fine Arts, the central Academy of Fine Arts academic Director, Professor Wang Chunchen, China art Museum art Museum Studies researcher Wang Meng, Doctor of Fine Arts, "art" magazine executive editor Shang Hui, Doctor of Fine Arts, the central Academy of Fine Arts Associate Professor Tsai Meng, Cai Feng Chongqing Art Museum planning Department director, Dr. Art, deputy director of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Associate Professor Hu Bin, Doctor of Fine Arts, "art" magazine deputy editor Wei Sheng, so as to ensure that the entire exhibition project clear and unequivocal in academic orientation.

        Curator Wei Xiangqi (Chinese) words of thanks at the opening ceremony (left a positive outlook Zhi-curator, the right one for Wang Meng)

"Qing Jin Program" focused on "the creative concept of artists from the 80 groups and the state of mind", carding a variety of possibilities present young artists and artistic creation, and therefore the exhibition opening day morning, the organizers held the first "in the language and concepts between "for the Youth Arts workshop topics divided by the exhibition curator Wei Xiangqi chaired recommended by Wang Chunchen, Hang Chunxiao, Zhu Xiaojun and some participating artists to the meeting and speak. And learned from the organizers, the exhibition will be held in late June moved again Guanshanyue galleries and exhibitions for seminars. This shows that this project is not a simple exhibition of works of art recommended youth trade shows, but a system to do a comprehensive study of young artists for the art scene, the guide recommended academic system.

"Qing Jin Plan" and "Qing Jin" word from the "Book of Songs • Zheng Feng" in the "green Zijin, Youyouwoxin" sentence. Mao Chuan:. "Qing Jin, blue collar also, the clothes of the students'" Qing Jin Plan ", a symbol of Chinese contemporary art, constantly inject fresh blood and ideas, as a curator, academic researchers and art space agencies, recommended more outstanding young artists. This is a lofty academic mission, but also the cultural ideal of every person to learn. In Chinese contemporary art groups, young artists a symbol of new life, courage and strength in the face of art history, sociology and contemporary art at the concept yet to demonstrate a very clear ideology. However, in this process, we can still see a lot of different thought patterns, groups of young artists between the language and concepts, images and historical, social and individual, have a very sensitive and rich experience. Similarly, in the face of material consumerism, utilitarian pragmatism under the influence and impact, there are still many urgent problems of reflection and questioning youth art groups. "Qing Jin Plan", it is to be with this generation of young international group of artists to face, joint research, and grow together.

Artists Wang Chong works "sofa"

         October 14, 2015, "Qing Jin Plan (2016)," Concept Art Museum in positive press conference and launch ceremony, noted that participation in the project, there are two forms, one by way of submission of registration introduce ourselves, one by the curatorial directly and recommend recommended. After two months of collecting and recommendations, and then after the trial and re-evaluation of the curators and referees, culminating in early February 2016, he announced the selected list of 51 participating artists: Bi Xiaohui, Caize Bin, Chen Zi wind, sinks Du, Du Yuqing, Fu Lei, lifted, Gao Yang, Hou Tze, Hu Nan, Huo Guang record, Jiang Zhaokun, Ray Lai, Li Ming, Li Tianqi, Li Yan, Li, Liu Cong, Liulin Yao, Liu Xia, Liu Zhang Yi, Lu Lin, Lv Song, Ma Wenting, Bangladesh Yun, Nie Li, Nie Shiwei, Qi Lei, Ren Zhao, Ren Zhe, business Chengxiang, Shi Chengdong, Shu Xinghua, Sun Yan, Tu Xi, Wang Lin, Wang Lin, Wang Xue tree, Wang Chong, Wei Jiujie, Wenyi Pei Xiao A cow, Xiong, Xu Hongxiang, tin Cong Yan, Yan Bingqing, Yansi Wen, Hao Yao Yao Peng, Zhangying Nan, Zheng Hongxiang. These artists are basically born in the 1980s, in different regions received specialized training Academy of Fine Arts, it should be said, basically exhibition presenting creative ideas and thoughts form the occasion of this generation of artists. According to curator introduced in the selection process of the participating artists, the project team intentionally abandoned too symbolic, too schematic of creation, such as focusing on excavations in painting "painting" of the language of expression.

Ren Zhe - Taketsuru FIG -130cm × 180cm- 2013 - The oil on canvas

       Obviously, experience life group of artists born in the 1980s and are mostly limited Similarly, after leaving the College despite slightly different personal fortune, but all hold a creative arts in outstanding ambition, focus on research and language arts News artistic ideas, obtain the latest information and visual arts through reference books, video and other media mode, or in galleries and art institutions in the exhibition space, directly facing the latest artistic creation and exhibition site. Meanwhile, the exhibition will also be noted that art images and visual resources in the "globalization" in the context of transfer efficiency in recent years, most of Europe and hold in esteem the language arts style also appeared in the creation of these young artists , although there are still traces of imitation, but many artists have been able to transition well into the creation of the state of being. Many artists in the creation, you can feel the nascent artistic expression, a lot of creative completely different from the Academy of Fine Arts for a long time to sketch creation by reproducing the shape of the performance tradition, but outside the Academy of Fine Arts teaching system, re understanding and find clues to the history of art is quite different from the usual. Many young artists looking to fit more autonomous sense of self, intuition and creative experience of perception, no longer obsessed with "reproduction" type of artistic skill training, but it is naturally use of symbolism and metaphor of the way the image, or accept " Neo-expressionism "and" bad painting "concept, advocated the elimination of all established and return to the shackles of the most thorough original. Although we are now discussing the creation of these theories are completely out of consciousness would be premature, we also difficult to clarify exactly how the existence of a logical connection between these images and the artist, whether it is only conceptual Chuanzao interpretation will be attached later, but in these visual images behind, you must hide the keys to answer all questions, but we also need to continue to focus on the longer trips and time and space. Some traces of imitation will eventually subside, but along with the creation of life experience and experience accumulation, born in the 1980s, the state of mind of the artist colony inevitably become increasingly apparent.

Wang Lin - Lurker one -40X60- intaglio etching Yan parchment holder mounted -2015

       In the monograph exhibition curator 魏祥奇 "Young art: self must constantly review and introspection," a paper also said: Say if born before the 1970s, many contemporary artists in the depths of ideas, are subject to "sociological" inspired theory and focus on modern politics and reveal the plight of the modern spirit, the artistic concept continues the basic way in Europe and America "Contemporary Art" Thought since the 1960s, but since 2000, the ideological critique of Chinese contemporary art in the capital market operation gradually lost its legitimacy identity, and gradually become vulgar, can be imitated symbols and drawings; then the group of artists born in the 1980s are more alert to discuss political, capital and power mode problems perhaps it is the lack of historical experience, these young artists are not concerned by contrast described collectivism life experience and common aspirations, but more emphasis on intuitive emotional experience.

Status for young artists, curators also think creative experience of these young artists in the relative lack of historical perception, should China since the 1980s to shift from political life and economic life of the relevant complete, idealistic utopia picture, is for the broken, materialistic reality of the plight of the digestion. Although in real life we are always able to through the media, by reading some local touch confrontation, but more often we felt really exhausted out of reach, and the plight of reality so that we are likely to choose to ignore these complex anxiety, and returned to the studio to focus on the face of their own creation. It should be said, at least for now, groups of artists born in the 1980s, in the creation of knowledge and experience for exhibiting sensitive and Awareness: Despite our difficult existence artist "very self-conscious," found in these creations, but the impact of its creative concept knowledge pedigree, it is hidden behind these seemingly from the imitation of visual images.

The opening scene of the exhibition artists and honored guests photo

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